Tarot Reading Reviews:

Hi! I received a free reading from Tumblr and wanted to be sure to give feedback. Thank you so much for the reading! It was very direct and made perfect sense to me and my current situation. Great insight and advice. Thank you for a different point of view!
-Sarah N. (for a free reading promo on Tumblr, 11/4/15)


I took yesterday to thoroughly dig through the reading. I can honestly say it was amazing and completely resonated with me. I was so surprised at how spot on it felt, and that it wasn't just 'relaying' the card meanings... that it was indeed fully customized speaking to -me- directly [...]

I thought I would have some questions about the court cards, because they can be people or states of mind, but nada. I liked what you wrote better than me overanalyzing them! AND-- you are such a damn good writer!! I mean, I've read your blog plenty and the courses you've written, but your writing is both authoritative and charming, very knowledgeable, and very personal. It's great. [...]

Anyhow, I could blather on. But overall, 10 out of 10+. Very very happy with my reading. Very much to meditate upon and might be formulating a procedure to incorporate its energies. Thank you again Zee, you have my eternal gratitude for co-creating a better future for humanity!
-Jonathan Baker of jonathanbakerart.com (for my Jupiter in Scorpio reading, 11/20/17)


So children, your girl received a reading once again from Zee, only this time I got her “good ass reading” [Situational Reading] and that’s exactly what it was.

Lately my spiritual path has changed, drastically, and I’ve been contemplating whether I go full tilt boogie into what I truly feel is right for myself or do I merge two paths so…well so others feel more comfortable. Thankfully with the help of Zee’s reading I now know it’s time for full tilt.

The great thing about having Zee read for me, aside from the damn near decade long connection (holy shit), is that she breaks it down in a way that is fun and easy to digest. Barring a full on disaster she is very prompt, I got my reading the next day.

So, what does this all mean? If you are interested in having your tarot read I urge you to do so and I would say Zee is one of the best readers the other side of the Mississippi. Her spreads are nicely priced especially when she has a sale so keep your eyes peeled!
-Kristi F. (on one of my situational readings, 6/2/16)

Ratings from my now defunct Storenvy shop.

Ratings from my now defunct Storenvy shop.