The Chiron Workbook (Taurus)

The Chiron Workbook (Taurus)


The Chiron Workbooks were designed for you if you are interested in Self work, and are perhaps new to the asteroid Chiron and its impact on your natal chart.

This workbook clocks in at a short but sweet 22 pages. Yet even at its small size, was designed to be revisited again and again!

Each workbook opens with a short introduction and love letter written specifically for your Chiron sign. From there, I walk you through the basics of your Chiron sign, and how it manifests in each House.

Also included in each workbook are 13 different journal prompts and activities, crystal/gem and herb correspondences for your sign, affirmations specific for your healing, two spells, and two mini-rituals. All designed specifically to help you work with your Wounded Healer!

Download the workbook now, and begin your healing journey!

(Note: Please make sure you're downloading the workbook for your Chiron sign, and not your Sun sign!)

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