The Elements Workbook

The Elements Workbook


Call the Corners. Explore your Self. 

The Elements Workbook contains over 30 pages of journal prompts and activities to help you explore your own beliefs about yourself and the world around you. Journey through the four elements as their associations and correspondences help you expand your view of your world and self. 

 This 30+ page workbook walks you through each of the common elements (Air, Fire, Water, Earth) and the correspondences thereof. Each of these four sections gives you many journal prompts and activities to explore in order to expand your understanding of both yourself and that element.

A labor of love on both my end and yours, this product is tagged under “Self Knowledge”, as it exists and was created in that liminal space where self love meets shadow work. When you purchase this product, it is delivered directly to your email. You can download this workbook and print it off as many times as desired—meaning you can revisit this act of self work again and again.

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