Love Readings

Love Readings


Whether platonic, familial, romantic, or sexual, love and relationships can get confusing.

My love readings are designed to clear out the clutter in your head, and get into your partner's.

NOTE: This reading isn’t just for romantic relationships. If you’re having a hard time with any other connection you may have (with your friends, a parent, your children, your boss), you can also utilize this reading for great results. I call this a love reading because this spread was designed to help you see things from the other person’s perspective—empathetic compassion is, in my opinion, one of the highest forms of love you can have for another person.

An information packed-reading, I designed this spread to cover the following topics: Emotional needs, Spiritual needs, Mental/Intellectual needs, Physical needs, Sexual needs, and Financial needs.

Topics covered can easily change based on your and your partner's specific situation. Note: Upon purchasing, you will be asked to share a little bit about this situation you’re in, as well as being provided a checklist of needs (as listed above) you want covered in the reading.

This reading examines what you and your partner say you want and need, verses what you actually feel you want and need--attempting to make an open line of communication more readily open between the two of you!

You will receive your reading in a beautifully designed PDF that you can download and read at your leisure. You will typically receive your reading 1-4 business days after placing your order!

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