Inner Child Reading

Inner Child Reading

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Need to know how to parent your Inner Child? How to make that kid that still lives on inside of you happy? Where you’re at currently on your Inner Child journey? This reading has your back!

This seven (7) card reading is designed to help you:

  • Check in with where you’re currently at in your relationship with your Inner Child

  • How you can better parent your Inner Child and give yourself the structure and routine you need.

  • How to infuse your life and self healing practices with more fun and creativity.

Healing your relationship with your Inner Child is an important and oft overlooked process. No matter what your relationship was like with your parents was like, each of our guardians were equipped with a toolbox of coping skills passed down from their guardians. Obviously, many of them were missing tools, and making due with broken tools. My point is, even if you have a good relationship with your parents, they may’ve fucked up your care because they’re just humans who were doing their best.

Looking back at ourselves as children, it may become easier to see what it was we were needing and lacking in our care. By learning to give yourself the things you needed but didn’t get as a child, you learn to begin utilizing healthy coping mechanisms as an adult.

That’s it—that’s the whole trick of the thing.

But if you’re having difficulty figuring out what you need/needed, a reading like this is perfect. We’ll not only cover what you need to do to parent your Inner Child in an effective and loving way, but also fun activities you can do in honor of your Inner Child—things that will really delight the more carefree part of your psyche.

NOTE: From now (8-11-19) until 8-18-19, this reading will be on sale!

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