Deluxe Shadow Work Reading

Deluxe Shadow Work Reading


Dredging up the silt of your soul can be difficult. This spread can help. ️

Introducing my first shadow work reading, in deluxe format! 

This spread is designed after the Jungian model of the Ego, Self, and Shadow (as shown in the third picture). 

In this reading, we’ll delve into not only what you’re trying to suppress, but also what you’re projecting outwardly into the world. That’s on all levels—conscious, personal unconscious, and collective unconscious. 

In this reading, we’ll dig deep into how your Shadow, Ego, and Self are effecting you personal (even down to a subconscious level), and how they are effecting the world (and people) around you. In addition, we’ll briefly touch on what you could do to start working with (instead of against) these aspects of your psyche.

NOTE: this is the first reading I’m offering that exclusively utilizes playing cards! ♣️♦️♠️♥️ Playing cards were the first cards I ever learned to read, and my current favorite deck seemed the most appropriate for this work. 

Are you ready to start your shadow work journey? 

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