The Bullet Journal for the Modern Witch

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Spiritual study and practice can get messy. It's hard to keep track of everything you need to do, and when it is you need to do it.

I'm sure by now you've seen pictures of gorgeous bullet journal pages on Pinterest, Tumblr--hell, even Buzzfeed has dedicated a few posts to the well organized beauty of a good BuJo.

I have saved countless pins that detail beautiful, colorful, artistic bullet journal pages--to the point that I worked up the image of my dream BuJo so much in my head that I was too scared to make one and risk fucking it up here in reality.

But if there's one thing I've learned in life, it's that if you're waiting for something to be "perfect", you're going to be waiting forever.

In February 2017, I swallowed my fear and decided to give this whole bullet journal thing a try.

bullet journal attempt one.jpg

Above, you will see what my typical weekly layout looked like (left), and notes I took when I was still writing my Chiron Workbooks (which I have since retired from the store). 

I used a standard composition notebook, cheap pens, and highlighters that I've had for literal years. I say all this to point out the fact that you don't have to have fancy supplies to get started with bullet journaling. Grab what you've already got, or go to the Dollar Store, and get started!

You'll see above that I dedicated three lines to each day of the week. I squared off a box in each day's space to note any astrological happenings and also my daily tarot draw.

Each time I accomplished something during the day, I was write it down and color code it for quick reference. Pink was spiritual stuff (any time I meditated, made an offering, studied, or observed a holiday). Orange was work related stuff (writing a blog post, sent out a newsletter, worked on a new product). Yellow was dedicated to house work (de-cluttering, deep cleaning, re-arranging). And blue was for family related things (calling my Mamaw, harvesting fruit with my baby sister, Netflix binging with my brother).

This set up served me for half the year before I begun to find it unmanageable.  While I still think it looks cool, my set up started to appear too cluttered to me.

In September, I decided to go a more minimalist route.

witchcraft bujo signs.jpg

Above is the page I have dedicated to tracking any signs and synchronicities I may observe this month--a wonderful idea I got from Molly Roberts of Her Speak. She has a whole video detailing how she uses bullet journaling in her own craft.

Which brings me to an important point: Possibly the hardest thing about starting a witchcraft/spiritual bujo is figuring out what to put into it.

An important question to ask yourself is this:

What do I consider "spiritual"?

You'll see in the example pages from my personal bullet journal below that I include things that I bet a lot of people wouldn't consider witchcraft related at all. But witchcraft, for me, is a deeply spiritual path. And what feeds my spirit may be different than what feeds yours.

Play around with your ideas of spirituality and witchcraft--see if you can't expand your perceptions of what these things can be!

witchcraft bujo habit tracker.jpg

My habit tracker

witchcraft bujo natal chart.jpg

My natal chart

witchcraft bujo anderson feri spiritual study.jpg

Notes I took about the Guardians in the Anderson Feri Tradition

witchcraft buju workout.jpg

My current workout routine

witchcraft bujo spell planning.jpg

Spell planning page

witchcraft bujo tarot planning layout.jpg

Whenever I use the tarot to plan my week, this is how I make a bujo spread for the results of that tarot spread!

witchcraft bujo project planning.jpg

The page I used to plan and track my progress when I was making Moon Shadows.

There are so many ways to use a bullet journal as a witchcraft practitioner and creative! I have so many more ideas to test out in the coming months, and I can’t wait to report back to you with the results.

What are your ideas for a witchcraft-centric bullet journal? Let me know!

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