About The Witch

Hello! I’m Zee Hall--a poet, path worker, and Realistic Mystic currently living in Central Florida. A practitioner of witchcraft for 15 years, and a reader of tarot cards for 6, my life’s work is to help others get in touch with themselves--their needs, their goals, their desires, their truth.

My personal spiritual path has been shaped by folklore, ceremonial magick, faery tales, and Appalachian folk magic. I’m currently solo-studying the Anderson Feri Tradition, while looking for a teacher for that path. All of these influences form the skeleton of my practice, on which the meat of my work hangs.

Everything I do--in my practice, in my art, in my offerings--I strive to create something beautiful and true.

About The Work

Zennia is a lifestyle and spirituality blog for the modern witch.

My products have been designed to hold a mirror up to the self, and to help my clients more readily know (and hopefully accept) themselves.

I do this through focusing on tarot readings, and making courses and workbooks that center around the important tasks of self care and shadow work.

My mission with Zennia is to help lighten the load without trying to dodge the heavy shit.

You’ll find no “positive vibes only” in my work. My work acknowledges the fact that life, at its core, is about change. That change is not always beautiful, fluid, organized, or palatable. When you’re with me--either during a tarot reading or when working through a course or workbook--you have a safe space in which to confront, explore, and make peace with the dark, the difficult, the confusing, and the inevitable.